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Sunday, September 4, 2011


It could sounds strange because the metallic ammunition ought his name precisely due to the material of the case but at least we have successfully manufactured plastic (or polymer) cases for use in metallic ammunition for handgun.

Compared ammunition of a .380ACP cartridge with polymer
case with other commercials (Winchester & Fiocchi)

Developed for a very specific purpose, has proved that may be interesting from a commercial point of view for reloaders because it allows to manufacture easily in large quantities, constant and controlled quality, with a final cost of the order of magnitude of the piston and without the influence of the prize of copper in market.

The other components (bullet, primer and powder) are the same than in any reloading.

Ideal for shooting with low charging, simplifies the process of reloading, have a retail price around 6 to 8 euro cents and will be available for distribution on January 2012.

The manufacturing process in plastics allow mass production
with constant quality and stable prices.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sustainable economic law (approved at March 6th in Spain)

We received a call from the legal agency yesterday to confirm the statutes of the company had came out form the official trade register in Barcelona.
In total, since yesterday, have passed 460 days form we signed the constitution of the company to now.
Ok! we are gun-makers, not a hardresser or a pub .. but the 5 days written in the law are nearest to science fiction than real world. I would prefer not talk about cost because it gets me ill.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Overpressure ammunition (or +P)

When you have a doubt the best is to go straight to the source.
We had a question about the ammunition and went to talk to Fiocchi technicians, in Italy. Arriving to Lecco the fog keep off to see the mountains and the lake. It was a pity because it seems to be a nice landscape (the picture was token from the car, when I went out).

I went to ask if they manufacture as standard overpressure ammunition to make the pressure test at the approval of the weapon.

The answer was clear: "It's forbidden to manufacture ammunition with a greater pressure than established by the CIP" meaning that it's a statistical measure and it could have some uncertainty due to the measurement error. They said also the use to work as much as 10% below that pressure.

In other words, the called "+P" ammunition may have a higher pressure and could increase the projectile speed but NEVER will exceed the maximum values of the CIP for that ammunition.

If you want to get test ammunition must be hand loaded and check the pressure for that charge.
I had heard of some tests with ammunition at 60 ° C. They told that ammunition is extremely dangerous to manage under those conditions (of course) and temperature increases the pressure but is not linear.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Complete list of weapons related laws in Spain

In Spain we are talking about the changes of the arms regulation for few weeks ago. This regulation itself is nothing more than a grain of sand among all the laws about weapons applied in Spain.

For reference, I have found a link from BELT IBERICA, a company dedicated to safety and maybe I will have to contact, where is listed a complete list of all current legislation:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spanish version

It's no sense a spanish company has not spanish version being the second language spoken in the world.
The most important is the desire to comunicate, not the language.
As I see the managment of both versions is very confortable, I will maintain both languages blogs as it doesn't take a great effort.

If someone prefers the spanish version, just follow the link:



No tiene sentido que una empresa española no tenga una versión en castellano siendo la segunda lengua más hablada en el planeta. Lo importante no es el idioma sino la voluntad de comunicarse.
Como veo que la gestión de ambas versiones es bastante cómoda, no representa un esfuerzo demasiado grande mantendré ambas líneas de expresión.

Si alguien prefiere la versión en inglés, bajo el logo hay un vínculo al blog:


Sunday, January 30, 2011

The beginning

Just few words to introduce EXTREME POLYMER RESEARCH, a new and small company in Spain focused in design and manufacturing of firearms.

It hasn't been easy. It's the first firearms manufacturing company stablished in Spain for 15 years and currently will be the one making semiautomatic handguns.

We are working actually in the development of a handgun for defense purposes.