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Sunday, September 4, 2011


It could sounds strange because the metallic ammunition ought his name precisely due to the material of the case but at least we have successfully manufactured plastic (or polymer) cases for use in metallic ammunition for handgun.

Compared ammunition of a .380ACP cartridge with polymer
case with other commercials (Winchester & Fiocchi)

Developed for a very specific purpose, has proved that may be interesting from a commercial point of view for reloaders because it allows to manufacture easily in large quantities, constant and controlled quality, with a final cost of the order of magnitude of the piston and without the influence of the prize of copper in market.

The other components (bullet, primer and powder) are the same than in any reloading.

Ideal for shooting with low charging, simplifies the process of reloading, have a retail price around 6 to 8 euro cents and will be available for distribution on January 2012.

The manufacturing process in plastics allow mass production
with constant quality and stable prices.


  1. Very interesting development. As a IPSC shooter I go through high volumes of cases. This would be ideal. Any new developments? Would be glad to test these case for you.

  2. This is really very good. These ammunition are less in weight, so a solider can take more ammunition with him. Polymer has do this all possible.