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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Liberator

Anyone stuck in the mechanical manufacturing sector with minimal knowledge of weapons, know that it is very easy to build one. And you do not have any kind of machine, it's enough to have the contacts that have them.

What does have merit of this project is that it makes the manufacture of this type of toy with real ability to shoot something as easy as assemble one Ikea furniture.

On the one hand I do not think you get to jeopardize national security of any country more than the physical integrity who shoot because neither the materials nor the manufacturing tolerances are appropriate. On the other, have existed for a long time also instructions on making explosives on the Internet that are potentially more dangerous. I insist that the greatest danger of all these things is that anybody can make without a minimum of knowledge can be very dangerous to his own integrity.

Personally I love how this guy have solved the hammer spring because the design and manufacture of plastic springs is not easy. Maybe it got there by trial and error after many attempts but as a practical example of plastic part design is a very interesting exercise.