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Saturday, June 6, 2015

We are proud to announce that our revolutionary ammunition will be featured in a six page article in Guns & Ammo’s June/July issue.

Our products will also be featured on the cover of the publication’s June/July subscribers’ issue.

Guns & Ammo is widely considered the preeminent and most respected media brand in the firearms field since the magazine’s inception 57 years ago. Our ammunition will be the first ammunition manufacturer honored with the historic magazine’s cover in the last decade.

In the feature, Eric Poole, Editor of Guns & Ammo, writes “The PolyCase Inceptor (ARX) projectiles are something much talked about in the gun industry but rarely actually achieved: a new idea.”

Chris Mudgett, Managing Editor of Guns & Ammo says “…polymers are slowly replacing other materials due to the science and engineering that gives these plastics the ability to mimic or enhance the characteristics of different metals…but without having the negative effects (such as cost, corrosion and weight).”

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